Sector Co-ordination

National Construction Council coordinates the construction sector through formulation of Policies and Strategic Interventions, promoting the evolution of a conducive Institutional Framework and organizing Construction Industry Forums.

Policy and Strategic Interventions

NCC has been involved in a number of activities pertaining to coordination and formulation of policies and strategic interventions for the industry. These include:

The Construction Industry Development Strategy, 1991

Construction Industry Policy, 2003

Implementation Action Programme for the Construction Industry Policy, 2006

PPP Procurement Guidelines 2006

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) Policy for Tanzania 2008

Review of Construction Industry Policy, 2017

Institutional Framework

NCC has been promoting the evolution of a conducive institutional framework for the development of construction industry.This has involved fostering the establishment of the following allied associations and regulatory bodies:

Architects and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board (AQRB)

Contractors Registration Board (CRB)

Engineers Registration Board (ERB)

Architects Association of Tanzania (AAT)

Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania (ACET)

Tanzania Civil Engineers Contractors Association (TACECA)

Tanzania Roads Association (TARA)

Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators (TIArb)

Tanzania Institute of Quantity Surveyors (TlQS)

Tanzania Association of Informal Construction Workers (TAICO)

Construction Industry Development Fund (CIDF)

Construction Sector Transparency Initiative (CoST)

Additionally, NCC supported establishment of the following institutions:

Tanzania Association of Consultants (TACO)

Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF)

Tanzania Institute of Corporate Governance

Construction Industry Forums

Since 2001, NCC has been organizing Construction Industry Forums (CIF) on a bi-annual basis. The objective of Construction Industry Forums is to facilitate sectoral planning, coordination and fostering of progress in the construction industry by: facilitating the formulation of strategies for capacity building and performance improvement; building consensus and commitment on vision, mission, objectives and strategies for the development of the industry; promoting industry wide advocacy geared towards fostering growth and competitive performance of the industry; Encouraging technological development through knowledge transfer with priority given to adoption of state of the art or innovative technologies – products and best practices; promoting regional and international trade.