Technical Audit Service

he aim of technical auditing of construction projects is to provide top management and investors/financiers with an independent review, analysis, appraisal, comments and recommendations on those project management activities, which are adversely affecting successful project performance.This is in line with the requirements of the Act, which requires NCC to promote quality management including provision of technical auditing services in the construction industry.Technical audit of construction projects are being carried out for the purpose of highlighting deficiencies and recommending measures for improved performance.

Project audit can be applied at any of the stages in a project’s life cycle, that is; pre-project, in-project and post-project.Pre- project audits demonstrate the viability of the project or on how best to implement the project.In-project audits review an ongoing project at design, tender, and construction stages; diagnose problems and recommend measured to improve project performance particularly for projects that are overrunning time and cost targets and in situations where there are doubts on the quality of work.Occasionally, post-projects audits are required to investigate lack of proper performance of completed projects or to help clients record good practices for future projects.

The Council has been providing this service to both the public and private sector institutions.Effective from 2005 the number of the projects audited by the Council are as illustrated in the figure below.