COURSE ON CONDUCT AND PRACTICE OF ARBITRATION PROTEA HOTEL-COURT YARD- Seaview, Barack Obama Avenue, Dar es Salaam from 26th – 28th June 2024.


Background: In light of the diverse range of activities undertaken by the National Construction Council, including its role in facilitating the resolution of disputes within the construction industry through alternative mechanisms rather than the judicial system, we have taken notice of instances where improper conduct has been observed in the process of resolving disputes. In response to this noteworthy concern, the National Construction Council is taking proactive steps to address the matter. We are pleased to announce the forthcoming comprehensive three-day course focused on the intricacies of Conduct and Practice of Arbitration. This initiative is poised not only to enhance awareness but also to elevate the standards within the construction industry's dispute resolution landscape.

Objectives: The course is designed with several key objectives in mind: firstly, to foster a comprehensive understanding of various methods available for the resolution of commercial disputes, with a specific focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms [ADR]; secondly, to create awareness regarding the Arbitration Act of 2020, in conjunction with its accompanying Regulations of 2021; thirdly, to empower participants with practical insights into the intricate realm of Arbitration as an efficacious avenue for addressing commercial disputes; and lastly, to equip participants with the requisite skills and knowledge that qualify them for registration as members of the NCC Panel of Arbitrators and Adjudicators.

Course Content: The Course will cover the following comprehensive topics: Dispute Settlement Practices, Mediation within Legal Proceedings, Arbitration Law, Appointment of Arbitrators, Powers and Jurisdiction of the Arbitrators, Interlocutory Matters, Hearing Procedures, Costs and Interest, Award Issuance and Challenges to Awards. Additionally, the course includes a thorough course examination, which stands as one of the qualifying criteria for individuals aspiring to become members of the NCC Panel of Arbitrators.

Participation: The course is open to individuals who are interested in gaining practical expertise in the realm of resolving commercial disputes using arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms. The course holds particular relevance for a diverse array of professionals, including but not limited to: Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Contractors, Estate Managers, Insurance Personnel, Legal Practitioners, those within the Shipping Industry, as well as other pertinent professionals.

Venue: The course will be conducted at PROTEA HOTEL-COURT YARD- Seaview, Barack Obama Avenue, Dar es Salaam.

Course Fee: TShs. 1,000,000.00 will be charged per participant. The fee will cover expenses for lunch, mid-break refreshments and course notes. Participants should make own travel and accommodation arrangements. Those who do not wish to attend the course but would like to sit for the examination only are also invited at a fee of TShs. 500,000.00. Payments should be made through the NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION COUNCIL NMB account via payment control number. Early booking and confirmation are essential.

NB: PDU / CPD and CLE points will be given to the participants. Please make your booking and Payment before 20th June, 2024. Please note that payment shall be done through a control number issued by our accounts section.

For more details please contact - Qs. Anitha Mallewo

Mob: 0687 242759

Email: anitha.mallewo@ncc.go.t